Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 in Writing

Happy new year and welcome to 2011 ...


Now onto writing.

Truth is - I have been stuck at 70k words for about two weeks or so now. And I know the ending, I know where all my characters will be and how they get there ... but I need some bridge to get me to the "there".

And more music. Loads more, please - anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Have you given freewriting a try? It's better than not writing anything at all.

    I'll admit. I do my best plotting and development when exercising or in the shower. Maybe you just need a change of scene. Try writing somewhere out of the norm.

    And for music, I gernearlly tune my Pandora station to Tim Barry and let the soothing tones of American Folk music drown out any distractions.

    Hope that helps.

    - Amy

  2. music: i re-discovered Gorillaz; the rhythmic switch between operatic scores, funk, hip hop, and instrumental alt rock is a great backdrop to halted intellect.


  3. Thanks Amy and Paulineddra! I rediscovered the Gorillaz to (thanks to you!) and tough I have never listened to Folk Music as a habit, I think I might give it a try, As it happened, all I needed was an argument on "Baby making music" with a friend (she seemed to find it disturbing that I found Metallica and Audioslave as perfect baby making music, weird - right?)

    Anyways - I will post soon about writing ... again! :D